Articles 2008 – 2013

City of Cuyahoga Falls, 10/17/13: Cuyahoga River shows progress after dam removal
Two months on, the river’s healing, and construction of a paddlers’ takeout above the Sheraton Section is undergoing.

Akron Beacon Journal, 9/30/13: Oregon law professor awaiting additional information on Akron’s overflowing combined sewers
The judge in the CSO case has retained an expert from Oregon to review the consent decree between Akron and the two EPAs. The expert has requested more info from the parties. Don’t expect the law professor to report before mid-November, and don’t expect the judge to rule in the year 2013.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/28/13: Cuyahoga River flowing with a new crop of paddlers: How to join them
Paddling the Cuyahoga is the way to go! “‘It’s becoming a real river again,’ says Elaine Marsh, a principal with the advocacy group Friends of Crooked River.”

Akron Beacon Journal, 9/19/13: Corps of Engineers is starting new review of Gorge Dam and how it might be removed
The Corps will put together a comprehensive report for removal of The Big One in 18 months. The report will cover an assessment of flow patterns post-dam, as well as various plans for removing the dam.

Akron Beacon Journal, 8/28/13: Bob Dyer: Dual dam demolition documented
The City of Cuyahoga Falls put together a way-cool time-lapse video from the Dam Cam. Check it out on YouTube.

Akron Beacon Journal, 8/20/13: Falls official warns of river dangers with dam cleanup
It’s not legal to paddle the dam removal section just yet; and if you’re thinking of removing artifacts from the riverbed…you risk prosecution.

Akron Beacon Journal, 9/20/13: Giant sewer tunnel planned for Akron to shrink from 27 feet in diameter to 20
Furthering Akron’s plans for removing CSOs, the design for one sewer tunnel is changing, because of currently available technology. Despite the fact that the Consent Decree has not yet been approved, Akron is moving forward with plans as though it had been approved.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/18/13: Battle plan is urged in effort to kill off invasive Asian carp
A Senate hearing was held recently. The invasive species has been moving up the Ohio River and a bipartisan group is considering requiring the Army Corps of Engineers to develop a plan to halt the carp infiltration into the Great Lakes.

Akron Beacon Journal, 8/5/13: Judge advocate
The Beacon Journal is suggesting that Judge John Adams should accelerate the process of approving the consent decree, thus approving Akron’s plans for removing CSOs.

Akron Beacon Journal, 7/31/13: Dam removal begins in Cuyahoga Falls
After many weeks of weather-related delays, RiverWorks began removing the Sheraton Dam on July 30. You can see the work proceeding in real time by visiting the Dam Cam.

Akron Beacon Journal, 7/23/13: Work at home
The City of Akron will impose a local hiring requirement in its multi-year effort to eliminate its CSOs, to ensure that a substantial portion of the $800-million project contributes to local job growth.

Akron Beacon Journal, 7/14/13: Portage County is No. 1 in Ohio for injecting drilling wastes
Over 2 million gallons of fracking waste was injected into 15 wells in Portage County in 2012.

Akron Beacon Journal, 7/1/13: More sewer work coming to Akron
The City of Akron will begin seeking bids for a $10-million project in its multi-year effort to eliminate its CSOs. This improvement is scheduled to be completed by October 2014.

6/27/13: Cuyahoga Falls Dam Cam
Check out the work on the Sheraton Dam with this real-time video. (Whoops. As of 7/4/13, the Dam Cam will be down until water conditions allow the work to commence. Check back here for updates.)

WKSU, 6/25/13: Cuyahoga Valley National Park takes dirty water online
CVNP is posting a “nowcast,” predicting water quality in the Cuyahoga.

WKSU, 6/24/13: Dam Removal – First Cut To Be Made
The deconstruction of the Sheraton Dam is scheduled to begin Wednesday, June 26.

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, 5/30/13: Revitalizing Local Waterfront Economies: The Great Lakes Legacy Act (video) (hardcopy)
The Great Lakes Legacy Act is a major impetus we use for dam removal, especially looking forward to the Ohio Edison Dam removal.

WKSU, 5/16/13: Peninsula celebrates the Cuyahoga River with a challenge to capture its beauty and recall its worst disaster

Akron Beacon Journal, 5/13/13: RiverDay 2013 to tout Cuyahoga River’s beauty, benefits with 26 events

Akron Beacon Journal, 4/22/13: Gorge Dam holds back more than water; sediment removal is a big task

Cleveland Plain Dealer, 3/15/13: National Park Service program promotes paddling on Lake Erie, Cuyahoga River as a way to connect with nature

West Side Leader, 2/2/13: Falls’ creek heading for restoration
Kelsey Brook, a Cuyahoga tributary, will receive stream-bank and riparian restoration.

Akron Beacon Journal, 2/1/13: Elaine Marsh’s Letter to the Editor
FOCR’s Conservation Director also urges approval of Akron’s CSO plan.

West Side Leader, 1/24/13: Two Cuyahoga River dams slated for demolition
A report from the first public meeting re. dam removal.

Akron Beacon Journal, 1/14/13: The Big Dig.
The BJ urges approval of Akron’s CSO plan.

Akron Beacon Journal, 1/11/13: Akron plans to dig massive tunnel for sewer system

RiverWorks: Mink at Laurel Creek
EnviroScience, the coalition which will be performing the 2013 dam removal in Cuyahoga Falls, shows a video of a mink in a Tinker’s Creek tributary following a restoration project.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12/3/08: Traces of medicines found at Tinkers Creek
The USGS found pharmaceuticals in the waters of Tinker’s Creek, the largest tributary of the Cuyahoga, which may help to explain the lower occurrence of fish species than expected from standard measurements of water quality.
See a copy of the USGS presentation from their study here.