The demolition for the Brecksville / Canal Diversion Dam began on May 21st.  Updates on the progression of the dam removal will be posted to this page.

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Brecksville Dam Removal

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What’s next. The schedule for the following list will be dependent on the safety of water levels.

  1. The notch will be expanded to lower the water level.
  2. The original Pinery Dam currently drowned behind the 1950’s dam will be exposed for historic documentation.
  3. The remainder of the dam will be deconstructed.
  4. The river will find its new path.
  5. Final planning for the installation of the pump station will be completed.
  6. The pump will be ordered and upon completion will be installed (probably in 2021.)

Stay tuned here and our Facebook page and the CVNP’s website. We will regularly update pictures and videos and info.

Please do not attempt to go onto the construction site, (including the branch of towpath next to the river and the railroad tracks) or to paddle the river above or below the dam. For your safety and that of the construction crew, this is a restricted site for construction workers only.

Read the full news release from FOCR here.

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